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Pokemon Go Christmas Miracle Whip

For anyone either not playing Pokemon Go, or too busy to know about the latest update, I’ll give you a brief summation of what it is. New pokemon are in the game, but the only way to get them is to hatch them out of eggs. Oh, and you might find a pokemon wearing a festive hat. Yes.. that’s it.

In a game, where I’ve been hating on the playerbase that continually whines and complains about every change to the game has almost broken me and I’m thinking of just becoming one of the whiners. The holiday event, is nothing more than an attempt to sell incubators. Under the guise of opening presents (eggs). So of course you’re going to want to incubate all your eggs. So, to incubate all your eggs, you’d need 8 incubators at roughly 150 pokecoins a piece or 1200 for all 8.. which you can get for $9.99. Funny how the points line up exactly with that stack of pokecoins.

I know they have to make money, but with all the other games out there doing some really cool stuff for holidays, I’d think they would have really come up with something a bit more.. fun. This event just has the holiday feel of… “Be sure to drink your.. Ovaltine”. A money grab. Now, if you’d have given everyone some incubators or had them drop from pokestops, then that would have been fun and a way to not seem so.. money grabby (ain’t I great with the english language?).

Really, holiday events in games should be the rewards for your playerbase for playing your game, and not another reason to line your pockets. That should be because your game is so good, we want to line your pockets. Look at WoW for example. Part of the holiday tradition is a new pet. A new pet that is cool, and costs money, but all the money goes to a charity. The Feelz.

Maybe this would have been better to add in trading, so you could give your friend a gift? It’s another thing that people want in the game, and would have made people really happy, and people would have bought stuff from the store to give to friends and family. Win, Win. New features, people line your pockets.

Some of your decisions just astound me. And I’ve been trying to stay positive. I ask other people to stay positive. But honestly, this just feels cheap and lazy. Like getting your mom a new vacuum cleaner for christmas. Or an oil change. Or some Miracle Whip. “Hey, here’s something that has no thought in it, and I was going to get it anyway, but this way I didn’t have to get you a gift.”

as my daughter would say… “Meh.”

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