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Crappy Clashing: A Video Series of Clash of Clans Flounderings

Fans of our podcast (AKA the Pit Crew) will know by my rather unpopular (with Steve, anyway) updates during the show that I play Clash of Clans and run a level 6 clan called Army of Awesome (Clan tag: #VC9928C). This started out as a multicommunity clan. I’ve run this since April of 2014. After the initial interest in the game faded, we went through a rather long period of inevitably losing 2v10 wars just because the only active warring accounts in the clan wanted to keep playing. Our war log currently stands at 45 wins, 121 losses, 1 draw. It’s not exactly a record that does the recruiting for us. Slowly and stubbornly, we’ve been able to rebuild. We’re an odd mix of real-life friends, friends-of-friends, twitter-life friends, old MMO guildies, and occasional random invites who’ve become friends. Many of us are rushed bases and learning. We’re casual and we’re happy with that.

Recently I visited a clan called Mördar Slugs (Clan tag: #L80JR89V). It’s led by the ever-awesome julzii and her merry band of clashers. Until this visit, I had never been in any other clan for my entire time playing Clash of Clans. I learned quite a lot in my short visit there. Mostly I learned how much I don’t know and how much I can grow in this game, and also, how big and yet close the Clash of Clans community is. If you’re ever in the market for a clan and we’re not good enough for you, I highly recommend them. One can avail twisted metal 2 cheats ps1 and explore the game so much more.

All of this got me thinking that it could be fun to do a somewhat regular vlog of my clashing on our YouTube channel. Mostly it’s going to be goblin grabs and the occasional war attack. I just started this week, but I’ve already missed a day due to technical difficulties, so although I would like to do this daily, I know it’ll just be occasional. I warn you now, I don’t have any great Clash of Clans wisdom to share. This is just going to be where I’m at and what I’m doing. This is just for fun. I’ll post an occasional blog here too when I feel like I have enough of an update to share. For now, you can subscribe to us on YouTube and check out my attempts at mobile gaming videos with our Crappy Clashing series:

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