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Go Kart Brothers 23: Conan Exiles, Clash of Clans and Elder Scrolls Online

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This week we talk about Fitness and Drinking and Pizza. Food Gathering Simulator, Conan Exiles. Hitman. 4K HDR10 TVs. Disney Conspiracies. American Gods on Kindle, Cancer. Elder Scrolls Online. Clash of Clans. Shug Knight & Jason’s HUGE Foreskin.

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It’s all bout gaming, gadgets, and geekery every episode with the Go Kart Brothers podcast. Join Brent, Jason, Shannon, and Steve as they discuss video games, tabletop games, movies, TV shows, and all of the pop/comic/gaming/geek culture that comes with them. These grown-up geeks talk about fitting in their devotion to various fandoms with the unavoidable adulting that life demands, all while enjoying a few adult beverages. GKB is your time for an amusing weekly unwind where hilarious tangents abound.

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