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Overwatch, why doesn’t it suck as bad as I wanted it to?

Sounds like this is going to be an overly positive article, right.   That’s me.   Anyways, I need to confess something from the start.  I didn’t want to like Overwatch.  Conclusion, I like Overwatch, and the article could stop right there, but then, it’d feel like a  waste to make an image for the header and stuff, so, let me explain a bit more.

I’ve been playing Blizzard products for a long time.  Since the first time, my dad sat me down and showed me Warcraft.  Zug Zug.  Then later Diablo and Starcraft.  How could this company go wrong.  Just puts out hit after hit.  And then came World of Warcraft.  Mind Blown.   After playing Everquest for so long, and dabbling in a few other mud turned MMO games, Blizzard smacked the polish on my favorite genre.  I could go on for quite awhile about WoW, but I won’t.  You’re welcome.

Moving on, quite some time (because it takes Blizzard a long time to make an expansion) Blizzard started resting on their laurels in my opinion.  The WoW expansions just were not the same, could argue it was just time to move on, or could argue the content was shat.  I argue they took the second M out of MMO and started making a single player game, online.  Then Diablo came out and starcraft 2 and neither of them were that great to me.  I felt they were just meh, and if any other company had put them out, I’d have probably bypassed them completely.   So, I had big shift in gaming between these failures, and the latest WoW expansion (Draenor).  Smite!

I had played League of Legends and DotA, but a friend of mine had talked about Smite and it fixed the one thing I didn’t like about LoL and DotA.  It wasn’t top down, isometric.  Which in my eyes is lack of money to make a real game.  Do people really think of a game and go… Let’s make it top down with crappy hard to see graphics.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who love that.  NOT.  (I pulled that from the same era), but I digress.  SMITE!

I love this game and played it way too much.  Started a podcast.  Wrote poetry at night to the developers, and recorded musical songs inspired from the game.  Loved, loved.. <3 it.  For the MMO players out there.  It was the difference of Ultima Online and Everquest.  It was a game changer for the Tower Defense genre IMO.

Then a flurry of announcements hit the streets.  Overwatch, blizzard’s game that rumored to be a lot like Team Fortress 2.  Quickly following was the announcement AND open beta release of Paladins, which was HiRez’s (Smite’s creator) answer to Overwatch.  Looked like the lines were being drawn in the sand.  From experience in playing TF2, there really isn’t room top lay both.  I’d probably stop playing smite as well.  Need to pick one game hog overlord to rule the next 6 months to a year of my life, and with the turd bombs that Blizzard had been piling out the door, and how much I loved Smite, I was sure I knew which one I’d be playing.

I was wrong.  I played Paladins in beta, and there were some great qualities with the game.  But it was changing every patch.  HUGE sweeping changes.  They were still and are still trying to figure out exactly how to make Paladins a super fun awesome shooter game.  They may have done it by now.  I wish I could say I will go back and try it again.  The main issue that has going against it right now is momentum. The masses of people playing Overwatch.  Especially my friends.   If I’m going to choose between 2 similar games, then I will always choose the one my friends are playing.  It’s ultimately the reason I play on line games to begin with.

Then, besides all of that.  Overwatch is a really good game.  Simple as that.  No need to get further on why.  We’ve talked about it on the show.  We will in the future, i’m sure.   Rumor is there’s a podcast coming.  We’ll see.

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2 Responses to “Overwatch, why doesn’t it suck as bad as I wanted it to?”

  1. June 2, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    This somehow seems more like the history of you and Blizzard and Hi-Rez games and podcasting about them. I agree, however, Overwatch is flipping fun, but then it makes me kind of miss my fun with Team Fortress 2. 😛

    • brentcopeland
      June 3, 2016 at 1:48 pm

      That name was just too long 😉

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